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Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
1:19 am
HelpSmith 3.3 is Available for Download
Divcom Software is pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 3.3. HelpSmith is a powerful help authoring tool for quick creation of professional help systems (HTML Help, Web Help), Printed Manuals, and PDF documents. The new version includes improved Unicode support, the ability to use Flash and QuickTime animations, better compatibility of Web Help with Google Chrome, and other new features.

HelpSmith constantly receives positive feedback from its users due to its simplicity in use combined with a professional feature set, and comparatively low price. We hope you will also find it useful.

HelpSmith Main Window:

HTML Help and Web Help Systems created with HelpSmith:

HTML Help Sample

Web Help Sample

HelpSmith is available as a FREE evaluation copy. The product includes sample help projects which you can use for testing purposes. In addition, we have technical articles on integrating a help system with different development environments and languages (C#, VB.NET, Delphi, etc.).

You can learn more and download HelpSmith 3.3 using the links below:

Home Page: http://www.helpsmith.com
Screenshots: http://www.helpsmith.com/screenshots.php
Download: http://www.helpsmith.com/download.php
What's New in HelpSmith 3.3: http://blog.helpsmith.com
Saturday, March 13th, 2010
12:45 pm
Looking for a job. java team lead / system architect

At the moment I am looking for a job of java team lead / system architect.
LinkedIN profile

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
12:59 am
finding code

I am adding a search engine to a CMS I built.  I want the results to come out like on google or wikipedia, with the relevant parts of the page highlighted.

I know this has been written and implemented so many times,
but on a preliminary search I realised I must be bad at finding shared code.

Can any one suggest a quick way to find shared code?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
6:36 pm
Getting so confused…
I don’t have any experience in building multi-user program and I have to build a conference program (as study project) and as the first step I should explain the different choices to build it. So I can make it as client-server program, p2p, or “replication” as the instructor said which I didn’t get until now what it does mean. :(
My questions:
1-    Is there other choice for building such programs?
2-    When I search about “replication” I understand it and it is about database usually so it requires server so we return to the client-server model. Is that right?… I really got so confused.
3-    Doesn’t p2p also needs some kind of sever?
4-    How NetMeeting works? I think my program should be similar to it
5-    I think If the program implemented to work in LAN network it MAY doesn’t need server but if it is for the web there should be a server. Am I right?


Monday, December 8th, 2008
8:28 pm
Hope this is not off-topic...
Greetings! I'm a library sciences student, and at my local library I've been put in charge of the computer books section. So, I need to do a little research into the software and computer industry and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

the W3c has some nice information about how many people are using what OS and what browser, but I'd LOVE to find a resource with information like this about other software. Like what word processing programs have what percent of the market share, etc. The hard part about this is I need a free resource.

If you know any listservs or feeds or anything that talks about software news and releases and things, that would be great too. I just need to be able to know what my patrons are using and anticipate what books I need to buy.

I appreciate any help you can give, and apologies if this is not allowed!
2:19 pm
Hi everyone,

I really hope this is not an inappropriate place for this. Do any of you want a job doing front-end development in the Bay Area (Redwood City)? Or maybe you have friends who are looking for a job? To be totally straightforward, I work for a search firm and I'm having trouble finding people who want to develop web applications. So I hate to resort to sending out messages to people I don't know, but it really might be a good opportunity for some of you. Someone with experience working at a web company and a technical degree from a decent school would be best. Let me know, email would be best (profrink12@yahoo.com).

Really sorry if this is just a bothersome message to you all. My company does pay a referral bonus though, of at least $500 if you put us in contact with someone who gets placed in the position. I'm not trying to mess with anyone; just trying to help somebody who is looking for a new job. I would never spam messages to people; I hope that's not how this is interpreted.

- Brian
12:29 am
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
1:04 pm
Online conferences (audio, video)
Need to implement online video and audio conference between 2 web-site users. Would be perfect if user won't have to install any additional software on his machine. Are there any free solutions of this problem? Maybe someone has already implemented that and can share his experience and useful links? Recommendations and links to paid solutions are also welcome.
Tuesday, June 24th, 2008
11:42 pm
Social website Idea
Inspiration: Everywhere I go I see posted signs advertising www.yourcityheresingles.com. It seems like no matter how remote your location or how minimal your local population, there now exist websites devoted to finding singles in your area. As someone who hasn't had so much experience being single, but LOTS of experience being "lonely" and seemingly "friendless" amongst a HUGE population of people my age, I feel that a website for networking is long overdue. Sure we may live in large cities but rarely do we venture outside our circles when we go out. If you're in a relationship, bar outings typically involve you, your significant other, and either your own or your significant other's friends and their partners. Rarely do we involve ourselves with new faces outside of work or school and even if we want to, rarely do we introduce ourselves to new strangers when faced with the comforting presence of our current friends. As a former member of various sub-cultures including punks and ravers, this "random" meeting of new people with similar interests is an almost guaranteed outcome of attending the various musical events associated with your "scene." I definitely took this for granted in college, meeting 2-a dozen new faces each evening without even trying. If you've been involved in a sub-culture you understand. Simply asking to bum a cigarette or paying someone a compliment on their wardrobe or dance technique is an easy enough way to find a new friend. Then I entered the "real world," full of business types and outgoing yet reserved people, social enough to find themselves in a bar trivia night yet frightened/uninterested enough to avoid social contacts beyond the group they arrived with. Unfortunately I place myself in this category as well; it's not that I don't want to meet new people but when you're already with 10 other people it just seems misplaced and sometimes desperate to strike up conversation with an unknown neighbor. And yet I'm willing to bet there are many like me who have friends and a relationship, and are relatively happy with their life....but still long for others out there with MORE similar interests, or at least a change of the rehearsed, overplayed interactions we're accustomed to. So, my idea is simply to build a site with a basic profile, available for free, to people living in the same zipcode, who aren't looking for anything more than a friend with similar interests. If you're interested and have programming knowledge, please reply so we can get something started.
Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
3:22 am
tickling addiction...
I fixed a few things in again, today.
(No...no eyecandy this time, since the changes were all internal, really).
It was always doing a "save_as" before, because I had not correctly
been globally setting the filename upon saving or opening a file.
Now that's fixed. It won't ask you for a file name for a project
you've opened or already saved, unless, of course, you choose save_as.
Now, TickleText will ask you if you want to save your work before quitting,
if you have modified the text since your last save.
Also, I integrated a calculator.
And, last but not least, the "browser" menu item doesn't point
to Hv3, the tcl browser I have on my system, by default.
The first time you click "browser" a dialog comes up to allow
the user the choose the browser.
Oh yeah, and I loaded in a smaller version of the above logo, as an .ico
file for the user to make a desktop shortcut or whatever.

O versão brasileiro foi atualizado igual o inglês também
(the Brazilian version was updated as was the English, too).
I'll probably have it up in Spanish before this coming week is over, too.
(Probablemente voy localizarlo al español esta semana, también).

Now, the find/replace is a little buggy, yet.
Replace All sometimes misses a few items.
Haven't figured that out...
Also, I will soon be getting it to actually save configurations,
such as the color theme, browser config, etc.
At this moment it save no configs, but, I have learned how to implement that
by having it write a config script and load it with uplevel.

Incidentally, I will also be able to use this same command to get
TransProCalc to save projects, finally!
I had tried simply having it write a script to set variables and run it with
exec to re-open a project, but, of course, that was setting the variables locally
to the proc, but not globally to the program.
Uplevel #0 $project_save will do the trick!
(uplevel #0 $config for the configs for tickle text).

So, I now know what to do...but, I've had enough hacking for today.
It's 3:20 am, and I still have 3000 words of translation to do before the weekend is out,
and we're going to my mom's house for Easter tomorrow, so, this stuff
will have to wait until later this week.

Friday, December 7th, 2007
11:19 am
Managing objects in C#
I'm working on a C# project right now - I'm new to C#, I'm pretty familiar with Java. We're working with a C# project that we're hoping to refactor to make it easier to work with. It's a database driven app, and we have this problem where we're always passing around database, logging and configuration object references, and it's a bit of a pain to get a hold of those objects when you need them. What are good ways to do this in C#? I was thinking either some kind of singleton object or use a naming service, like JNDI.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
3:40 pm
Please, please help:

I'm trying to incorporate the javascript show/hide toggle tag into a menu frame on a site I'm working on in FrontPage.

I've used the code before but I can't seem to figure out what I did and it's driving me nuts.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
12:31 pm
Hey guys,

Can anyone suggest to me some open source projects that I can volunteer some time to? I know PHP, JavaScript, Java and C++. I dunno if you know something that would put my skills to work.

I'm jobhunting and a lot of the places I'm applying require development experience, and though I know programming, I'm self-taught and I need some work experience to put flesh on the bone, and maybe contribute to some groovy project that I can be proud of.

Current Mood: curious
Thursday, August 31st, 2006
9:57 am
Apache 2 and SSL
I've been trying to setup on my own computer an Apache installation with mod_ssl. Unfortunately, I'm getting into some problems, and I've spent all of yesterday already trying to find a solution, but come up with nothing. :p

I'm running Apache 2.0.59, and downloaded OpenSSL/mod_ssl files from hunter.campbus.com (and also this site, which I'm also using as primary reference... I've downloaded so many binaries already, bah). I reinstalled Apache 2, followed the instructions, and was able to create the certificate and key files. I've put them into proper directories and pointed to them correctly in Apache's conf file.

Cutting for quoting etc.Collapse )
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
3:00 pm
Email/join form spam
I'm working on one of my linkware scripts, a part of which allows people to join (it's a script for fanlistings, if you're aware of those). Of course, spammers have found their way to it, so I'm trying to make it as spam-proof as possible. I've been doing it the "usual" way—checking for fake email, bad strings, stripping tags and trimming et al, but it doesn't seem to be working as well as I'd like; there are still those who end up in the approval queue. :p I'd like to limit this, obviously. Are are any other ways? I don't want to use captchas or otherwise making the visitor who wants to join add more fields than necessary :/

I put up the source over somewhere (http://indisguise.org/temp/show_join.txt) where you guys could see it, and if anyone would be willing to give it a look and all, I would appreciate that immensely. Thanks!

Crossposted: php, webdev, developers

UPDATE: I've been discussing with a lot of people in comments, and I wanted to summarize what I've gotten so far, and other ideas I've had myself which I may implement. Of course, if you have anything to add, I would love hearing that, too!

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Friday, July 7th, 2006
1:53 pm
Programmers Wanted!
Do what you love.

Lots of us write software professionally, but how many are working on projects that we're passionate about? At Cambrian House, you get to work on what you love. Work as much as you want. Pick the project, develop the product!

Want more details?

About Us: The Cambrian House Mission Statement
Cambrian House's mission is to discover and commercialize software ideas through the wisdom and participation of crowds. Contributors earn royalties, sharing in the success of the products.

How It Works
You think it
Most aspiring entrepreneurs and armchair innovators have more ideas than resources. Why let the fruits of your genius languish on the vine? They're yours to grow. Put them in play. Got one just waiting to burst out? Submit it now!

Crowds test it
But don't buy that Mercedes just yet. Before we greenlight production, your freshly baked ideas run the consumer gauntlet. Flourish or flounder? The market decides. Take a peek at the process: vote on Idea Warz!

Crowds build it
So the people have spoken, and they love your idea. With the help of the worldwide development community, we turn it into reality. Contributors can take their pick of exciting projects, and in return, they get a piece of the royalty pie. Want your piece? Join our community now and get a head start!

We sell it
Show time! YourIdea 1.0 hits the virtual shelves with all the marketing power of Cambrian House behind it and with a little help from Chameleon. Every contributor – including you – has a vested interest in helping the product shine, because every contributor benefits from its success.

You profit
When we say "every contributor benefits," we don't mean warm and fuzzy feelings. We mean real money. When you collaborate with Cambrian House, you get Royalty Points. That means as long as the product generates profit, so will you!

What are you waiting for?
Submit Ideas, Submit Code and Submit Creative Content!
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
5:52 pm
Calling all LAMPheads
Hello. First let me explain LAMP just in case some may not have heard that term yet. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Four separate applications that work together to form a very user friendly and developer friendly environment. So if you are a LAMP developer, or even have experience in working with PHP and MySQL period regardless of OS or web server, then this post is for you. Now for the goods.

Some may know me, some may not. My name is Glenn Barres and I have been in web development for over 9 years now. I started off making little advertisement websites for my mentor, Chris Toughill, when I was 19. I have always had an immense interest in computers, namely video games, for as long as I can remember. I got into computers because I wanted to make my own video games. Much has changed since that initial desire, but the desire has not. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a wide area of environments including web hosting, application development, application service providers, ISP's, telco, (a telephone company), marketing, and media creation. All of these within a Windows and *NIX based platforms. I personally have designed from scratch helpdesk systems, point of sale interfaces, hosting management systems, numerous personal and professional websites, billing systems, call detail systems(that was a tricky one), Meta search engines, and Multiple Level Marketing platforms, (not pyramid schemes). There are probably others that are just escaping me at this time. This is my general professional background. Now my main interests are in Neuro-science (the science of the mind/brain), user friendliness, entertainment, and non invasive marketing. What this means is that I have a desire to create applications that are fun, easy to use, immensely popular, (via word of mouth and non annoying advertisement), and help promote elevated levels of thinking. To put it simply, I am an idea guy. Ideas flow through me like water over the Niagara Falls. It is impossible for me to look at something in life and not get an idea on how to make it better. So one day I decided to take all I know and turn it into a profitable venture called Mediawake. This being said, I will get to my point.

My company, Mediawake LLC, is in need of developers and other like-minded individuals as myself. If your interests are close to mine then you have a very good chance in being part of this company. If they are not, you still have a chance so keep reading, we do after all like diversity, it keeps the juices flowing. Mediawake is about a year old and up till now has focused on the development of other people's ideas. At this time we are refocusing on our own ideas. I have come to realize though that I cannot do it all myself. Hence, the reason for this post. I am looking for people to fit the needs and growth of this exciting new company. Below you will find a list of the most desired positions with the most important first.

Programmer, (PHP, MySQL a must, working Linux knowledge a plus)
Database Admins, (MySQL in a Linux environment)
Systems Administrator (Strong working Linux knowledge a must with a background in security and optimization being a plus)
Marketing Enthusiasts (great a finding niche markets that we can plug into)
Brain stormers (people persons a plus. Finding out what makes people tick and being able to help solve their collective needs)

As our company grows other positions will become available. I do not require any schooling but you must be able to demonstrate your skill sets.

Send all applications, resumes, stories, or whatever else you think may get your foot in the door to work@mediawake.net What I am looking for is a partner, not only an employee. If you feel up to this then do not hesitate.

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
12:56 pm
tired programmer trying to return...
This may be the wrong place to ask (but I can't find the right place)
I'm trying to find out what I need to get started working as a programmer again. I've got 10+ years experience but it's all in a small town very isolated from anyone else in the field. It's been years since I've worked with another programmer and I don't have a degree as such wasn't available in that area - and the income was never sufficient for me to explore education.

I have no experience working for a professional company - or what would be needed to enter into that field.. Any suggestions? I've been looking offline for about 5 years now for help on this one - but have reached the realization I just don't know the right people or questions to ask.

Incidentally, I'm currently building a libevent based jabber communications server as an exercise - anyone interested?
Language: C
dependancies: libevent, libexpat, openssl
Platforms: MacOSX, reasonably portable to Linux and should work on Windows but haven't tested yet. Core communications and XML

(please feel free to delete / ask me to rewrite / ... as appropriate. Please do let me know if there's any place I CAN ask about this though if you do)
Monday, March 27th, 2006
9:55 pm
Teripets.com is looking for programmers.
They do not pay people to program for them as they can not afford it(sorry about that, the site is fairly new and only has 37k members..but it is doing great for the time it has been open with haveing one programmer who did stuff who is no longer with teripets), but it will be great pratice for future reference and what not.
they need php and flash programmers and artists.
if interested please go to teripets.com, join and contact either King or Chris(or on the bottom click jobs and send some samples of your work threw support).
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
5:15 pm
Geographical image generation...
I'm looking to create an image of some geographical oriented data. Basically I would like to create a bunch of squares or dots with different colours based on the data and be able to either create a mercator projection of it onto something like a jpeg, or create a vector map. Do any of you guys know of a good open source product that I could do this with? :)
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