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tickling addiction...

I fixed a few things in again, today.
( eyecandy this time, since the changes were all internal, really).
It was always doing a "save_as" before, because I had not correctly
been globally setting the filename upon saving or opening a file.
Now that's fixed. It won't ask you for a file name for a project
you've opened or already saved, unless, of course, you choose save_as.
Now, TickleText will ask you if you want to save your work before quitting,
if you have modified the text since your last save.
Also, I integrated a calculator.
And, last but not least, the "browser" menu item doesn't point
to Hv3, the tcl browser I have on my system, by default.
The first time you click "browser" a dialog comes up to allow
the user the choose the browser.
Oh yeah, and I loaded in a smaller version of the above logo, as an .ico
file for the user to make a desktop shortcut or whatever.

O versão brasileiro foi atualizado igual o inglês também
(the Brazilian version was updated as was the English, too).
I'll probably have it up in Spanish before this coming week is over, too.
(Probablemente voy localizarlo al español esta semana, también).

Now, the find/replace is a little buggy, yet.
Replace All sometimes misses a few items.
Haven't figured that out...
Also, I will soon be getting it to actually save configurations,
such as the color theme, browser config, etc.
At this moment it save no configs, but, I have learned how to implement that
by having it write a config script and load it with uplevel.

Incidentally, I will also be able to use this same command to get
TransProCalc to save projects, finally!
I had tried simply having it write a script to set variables and run it with
exec to re-open a project, but, of course, that was setting the variables locally
to the proc, but not globally to the program.
Uplevel #0 $project_save will do the trick!
(uplevel #0 $config for the configs for tickle text).

So, I now know what to do...but, I've had enough hacking for today.
It's 3:20 am, and I still have 3000 words of translation to do before the weekend is out,
and we're going to my mom's house for Easter tomorrow, so, this stuff
will have to wait until later this week.


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