Malak (ainante) wrote in developers,

Getting so confused…

I don’t have any experience in building multi-user program and I have to build a conference program (as study project) and as the first step I should explain the different choices to build it. So I can make it as client-server program, p2p, or “replication” as the instructor said which I didn’t get until now what it does mean. :(
My questions:
1-    Is there other choice for building such programs?
2-    When I search about “replication” I understand it and it is about database usually so it requires server so we return to the client-server model. Is that right?… I really got so confused.
3-    Doesn’t p2p also needs some kind of sever?
4-    How NetMeeting works? I think my program should be similar to it
5-    I think If the program implemented to work in LAN network it MAY doesn’t need server but if it is for the web there should be a server. Am I right?



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